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Friday, August 21, 2015


Nobody would reject a freebie when they are given one, right? But, finding a freebie in Malaysia is rather tough, unless the lucky guardian is with you! Here are 13 great ways to help you save a few dollars on, ranging from food, grocery to transportation, accommodation and even flights when you're in Malaysia!

1. GoKL Free City Bus

As a budget traveler, or just anyone, freebies are always welcomed. What could be better when you have free transportation around KL with free Wi-Fi on the bus too! There are 4 lines (green, red, blue and purple) that run in different routes around KL. You can visit this website to take a look at the detailed bus route.

2. NSK

NSK is the top choice for grocery shopping and cheap daily necessities. Unfortunately, there are only a few NSK branches in Klang Valley area, 13 to be precise. NSK prices are at least RM1 ~ RM5 cheaper than those you will find in other places. With thousands of different products, you will definitely go home with a few bags full!

3. Day / Night Markets


If you don’t mind wearing cheap shirts or eating cheap beside the road, then, day / night markets will be the right place for you. You can easily find cheap clothing at the markets from RM5 onwards. And there are various kinds of foods for you to choose from, all cheaper than eating in a restaurant or cafĂ©, maybe at the expense of stomachache. 

4. LRT


LRT is like “MRT” in Singapore, and although Malaysia have a lousy LRT route, it is still the best option to travel around KL. It’s way cheaper than public bus or taxi, but don’t expect it to be as timely as the ones in Singapore, Seoul or Tokyo. It may take some time to wait for one, 20 minutes maybe? However, it’s much more time efficient than public buses.

5. Daiso


Daiso is cheap everywhere, and, in Malaysia, all prices are fixed at only RM5 (exclude GST 6%). Don't get too excited too soon because some items are not even worth RM5. So don’t just grab anything you see in the store and choose wisely instead.

6. Nasi Lemak


Food expenditure causes a lot of misery to travelers other than air fare and accommodation. If you don’t mind eating really simple and cheap, try heading to Mesra shops (usually located just beside Petronas petrol station), and grab some pre-packed nasi lemak. It may be just rice, anchovies and sambal chili paste, but where else can you get RM2 nasi lemak?

7. Roti / Banana Leaf


Another cheap food option will be Roti Canai and Banana Leaf. Roti doesn’t cost too much (RM1~RM1.50) but the portion is small that it will barely be enough to take your hunger away. Banana Leaf can be pricey if you were to add on dishes like meat, but one can refill rice and side veggies (that usually served along with rice).

8. Guest House / Couchsurfing

Accommodation is the second most costly item for travelers. But fret not, there are still cheaper options for those who are traveling on a budget. You can choose to sleep in motels, or guesthouses from as cheap as RM25 in some places. Or if chances permitted, you can also try Couchsurfing which additionally gives you a chance to stay with locals and be friends with them!

9. Air Asia


I can’t hide the fact that I’m very proud of Air Asia for being the best low cost airlines in the world. I believe that Air Asia has the cheapest air fares for Asian countries. And it’s much cheaper if you are flying out from Malaysia compared to flying in.

P/S: It may be cheaper if you book your return ticket separately (one way tickets), so, remember to check both methods before purchasing!

10. Free sewing

A hole in your pants? Then you might want to visit Hobby N Coffee Cafe. You will first have to order some drinks or food to be entitled for free sewing. Though, you can get a traveler sewing kit from Daiso at a price of RM5 too, just compare both to see which is worthy!

11. Groupon

You might actually be able to save some money especially buying dining, haircut or accommodation vouchers through Groupon. Try browsing their webpage to find some great deals and make good use of that extra money you saved!

12. Burger Ramly

Yearning for some western but with a touch of a local taste? Then, you should try Burger Ramly! It’s really cheap comparing to McDonalds, Wendy’s or Burger King. The cheapest is around RM3 and portion is slightly bigger than McD’s burger. Depending on which one you order, the burger may add on egg, sausage too!

P/S: They are selling at roadside stalls.

13. Shopping bags

Going for a grocery shopping on a Saturday? Bring a shopping bag along! Or else you will be paying RM0.20 extra for each plastic bag. So it’s either you bring a bag or you’d have to buy one to pack your things. With the money you've saved here, you might be able to buy a couple of pre-packed nasi lemak for a meal!

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Written by Elley

Born, fed and grew up in Malaysia and have a strong interest in Korean language & culture too. Love travelling and taking pictures that doesn't seems attractive to others and believe that determination brings success in the future.


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