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Thursday, August 13, 2015



Korea is the only divided nation in the world. Some people seem quite worried saying the ceasefire can be broken anytime, while Koreans themselves look completely carefree. They insist actually there is no country safer than South Korea. Sure enough, in a survey to the foreign visitors in 2014, public safety got the highest satisfaction index of 90%.

Let me explain why.

1. It’s in wartime?

The Korean War has not officially ended, but it is nowhere close to a state of hostilities. There have been very few cases of engagements on the Military Demarcation Line, but you will never face anything about it in any part of civil residences.

2. Kidnapping by North Korea?

Some South Koreans still think Kim Jong-un’s North Korea kidnaps civilians, like his grandpa did long ago, but it’s a complete mistake. Recently, the North usually sends the people back through the Panmunjeom truce village with prior notifications, even if they willingly sneaked into the border. ("N. Korea sends two S. Koreans back home via Panmunjom" - Arirang news)

3. Terrorism?


Terrified of possible terrorism by North Korean secret agents? That kind of things never happened ever since 80s. Don’t forget the northern part of the peninsula can hardly afford spies these days. Moreover, South Korea is completely free from internal ethnic or religious conflicts, and also it is very difficult for terrorists to access this little insular country isolated by the sea and the communist regime.

4. 24-hours awake


Koreans absolutely love to drink, sing and dance all-night-long. Inevitably, therefore, whole lots of pubs, restaurants and stores are open 24 hours and people are everywhere even in the very middle of the night.

5. Dense population

The population of South Korea is very high compared with its rather small land size, so you can hardly find any unfrequented places except in very remote rural areas.

6.  Fingerprint database


It might be a controversial issue, but all the South Koreans have to provide their fingerprint samples linked to the resident registration numbers to the government upon issuing resident cards at the age of 17. This database of fingerprints of the whole national citizens actually plays a major role in the high arrest rate of violent crimes in S.K.

Written by Karly

She graduated in a university in Korea double majoring in social studies and political science. After graduation, she worked for a while at the Nation of Assembly of Republic of Korea, but now she is working as a reporter. Having a life goal of being a Asia-specialized travel reporter, she travels around the world in her spare time.

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