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Thursday, April 23, 2015


1. Genting Highlands

Wikipedia/Chee Hong

Locals usually drive up here just for the sake of bailing out from the city’s humid climate. Only 1 hour away from Kuala Lumpur, Genting Highlands at an altitude of 1,800m is the number one spot for locals to visit due to the cool atmosphere at the top. 
Not to worry if you don't have a car, there are buses now that brings visitors up to the Genting Skyway, from which you can take a cable car to get to the top! It has an indoor and outdoor theme park, and a casino, which remained as one of the only legalized gambling center in Malaysia.
*Outdoor theme park is currently undergoing a huge makeover and said to be ready by 2016.

2. Cameron Highland
Wikipedia/Will Ellis

Daily temperatures averaging between 17 to 23 degrees Celsius, Cameron Highlands is also just 1 hour away from KL, being the locals' second alternative to escape from the hot weather. Thanks to the fertilized soil and perfect climate, it's now Malaysia’s largest tea plantation spot. The relaxing green fields of tea trees are often transformed into a stunning background for photo enthusiasts. 
Here is a list of spots you should visit @ Cameron Highlands.
·         Tea Plantations
·         Strawberry Farms
·         Vegetable Farms
·         Lavender Garden

3. Bukit Tinggi


Slightly further away than Cameron Highlands, it's a popular place among youngsters and couples to get away from the stressful work life. Here in Bukit Tinggi, you can find both Colmar Tropicale (altitude: 790m), a "French-themed" village and the Zen-inspired Japanese Village (1,067m) where you can stroll along the Japanese Garden in cool and fresh air.

How about rejuvenating at the Tatami Spa? Or participate in a tea drinking ceremony at the authentic wooden Japanese Tea House?

4. Pulau Langkawi


Planning a short getaway with your family? Then, take a trip to Malaysian’s favorite local destination, Pulau Langkawi! The landmark of Lang (eagle in Malay) -kawi (reddish brown in Malay), a 12 metre tall Eagle is located at Dataran Lang.
Aside from that, you must definitely visit the recently reopened Langkawi Sky Bridge (701m), easily accessible by Cable Car. Put up with your fear of heights, walk the bridge without looking down (or look if you want to) and most of all, feel the Adrenaline rush whenever the wind blows while you’re in the middle of the bridge!

5. Pulau Tioman


Yet another duty free zone in Malaysia, Pulau Tioman has increasingly gaining interest from many visitors in the recent years for its white sandy beach, beautiful resorts and rich marine life.  I bet diving enthusiast and beach lovers would fall in love with this place immediately! Fancy taking up some diving lessons? Tioman would be the perfect place for you!
Do take note that there’s only ONE ATM machine located at Tekek Jetty if you're considering hawker stalls and restaurants. So, do bring enough Malaysian currency before visiting Tioman!

6. Bukit Bintang


The shopaholic in you yearning to escape? Slow down, here I’ll be introducing Bukit Bintang, a total shopping heaven! Just over a few decades, Bukit Bintang has been growing pace by pace ever since it was constructed.
This is the most happening place in the whole KL with countless boutiques, shopping malls and eateries all situated in this busy area easily accessible by public transportation such as the LRT, monorail and buses.

Looking for luxurious products? Take a look at Pavillion! Gadgets? Sungei Wang for sure! Other popular shopping malls such as Berjaya Times Square, Lot 10and Ferenheit 88 are all around this area.

7. Malacca

Wikipedia/Bjørn Christian Tørrissen

Did you know that Malacca was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site? Due to the strategic importance of the Strait of Melaka, it rapidly grew into the nation’s most sought-after port by foreign traders in the very olden days.
This ancient-looking city never failed to attract more and more visitors every year with its priceless historical assets well retained from 18C. You never really visited Malacca until you have been to the Dutch Square, better known as “the Red House." 
Recommended delicacies: 
Nyonya food, cendol (gula Melaka & durian flavor), chicken rice balls, and the absolutely famous coconut shake at Jalan Klebang Besar (spot the cars and queue if you can’t find the stall).

8. Taiping


Although not very well known to foreigners, it is a popular spot among the locals especially the Malays. I too, came from this peaceful little town which seems to have nothing much to offer, however there’s a beautiful lake garden eagerly waiting to be acknowledged by more foreign visitors.
Taiping Lake Garden was first established during the British ruling in Malaysia in the year 1880. Even though it has been more than a century ago, this garden is very well preserved with huge ancient rain trees (“angsana”) lined along the lake, their branches stretching from the trees into the waters creating an unusual visual of these giant plants.
Wouldn’t  you want to take a jog around the peaceful lake while looking at the beautiful scenery at the same time?

9. Sekinchan


It’s not weird if it's totally new to you, as even many locals didn’t know before a Hong Kong drama “Outbound Love”. The economy of this Chinese concentrated town depends on agriculture and fishing.
Sekinchan is often visited for its fresh seafood that usually draws diners from KL and Ipoh. Apart from that, Sekinchan is also one of the major rice producing areas of Malaysia and the vast paddy fields make a picturesque background for photography enthusiasts.
When to visit?
March ~ Early May & Sep ~ Early Nov – Green paddies
Mid May & Mid Nov – Golden paddies, time for harvest!

10. Kuching


Kuching, the capital of Sarawak, has the same pronunciation as kucing meaning “cat” in Malay, thus the nickname “Cat City”. Divided by Sarawak River; the south is mainly dominated by Chinese, while the north shore is predominantly Malay in character, with kampong houses lining the river.
The most happening place in Kuching is none other than the Waterfront Kuching, also refers to the People Place by the locals. Wanna experience city life in Malaysia? There is nothing you can't do here.
One of the main attractions is the oldest Chinese temple in Kuching, Tua Pek Kong Temple which continuously attracts many tourists to stop by to make offerings in respect to different cultures and beliefs of the Chinese people.

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Written by Elley

Born, fed and grew up in Malaysia and have a strong interest in Korean language & culture too. Love travelling and taking pictures that doesn't seems attractive to others and believe that determination brings success in the future.

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