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Tuesday, April 21, 2015


Melaka is a very small state and it might not the first state to get your attention when you consider trip to Malaysia, but since it is very close from KL (about 2 hrs away) and rich with Malaysian traditional culture, the annual number of inbound travelers of Melaka is in fact pretty high.

Kobi Klaf is a travel blogger and he rounded up 5 Melaka tourist attraction if you don't know where to go first in Melaka.

Below is the pictures of 5 great attractions in Melaka:

1. Melaka Zoo

Kobi Klaf's Blog

2. Taman Mini Malaysia & Mini ASEAN, Ayer Keroh

Take a look what it looks like; it's not really long (2 min.)

3. Melaka River Cruise


4. Cheng Ho National Museum, Melaka Tengah


5. Porta de Santiago

Kobi Klaf's Blog

Now, don't you feel Melaka could be your new consideration on your Malaysia travel destination list? If you want to know more about descriptions of each, you should definitely go to Kobi Klaf's blog by clicking on here to get more information.

Kobi Klaf

He is a travel blogger and in his blog Malaysia Story, Kobi gathered many useful travel tips from various authors around the world. Malaysia Story is not just limited to travel tips for Malaysia, but it even includes tips for Europe, Oceania, South, North & Central America, Middle East and Africa. Check out this link if you are interested in any of regions.     

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