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Tuesday, April 14, 2015


Though it's not like Tokyo and Shanghai that seem to never sleep in the night, KL too has its very own nightlife. Alcohols are forbidden to Muslims and they aren't supposed to enter a bar, but there aren’t only the Muslims in Malaysia. To cater entertainment to the others, there are, of course, nightclubs and bars throughout the city too.

1. Mr. Brooks, Bangsar

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Wait, why is there a car parked right inside the mall? If you spot a fancy purple car, that means you've found Mr. Brooks’s entrance! Although this bar is located in a shopping center, it couldn’t be seen easily. Why? Mr. Brooks is supposedly a speakeasy bar, or hidden bar. Turn on your detective skills and try hunting for this classical looking bar.

Primarily a gin & cocktail bar, the wall of this unique bar is like those you would see in a makeshift garage. The wrenches and tools slyly conceal a hidden door, which then opens up to a secret room that brings you back to the old London in the 1920s…

As of recently, there are rumors saying that Mr. Brooks will be turn into a members-only bar, with the possibility that customers will need to spend RM 3,000 on a single receipt for a six-month membership.

2. Sky Bar, Traders Hotel

Located in the heart of the city, Sky Bar is one of the popular hangout spots for locals and foreigners alike who want to experience some luxurious style bar in KL.

What makes this place such a popular place is one could get a thorough view of the world famous Petronas Twin Towers just right opposite Traders Hotel. Don’t let the interior and that spectacular view fool you, it might looks classy on the inside (or maybe outside too), however the prices of food and beverages are quite descent and reasonable.

There is also a swimming pool placed right in the middle of the bar interior; however, it’s only accessible up to 7 pm.

3. Arthur's Bar & Grill, Shangri-La Hotel

Looking simple from the outside, you’d never guess what it’s like on the inside. Authur’s Bar is a great place to relax and hangout with your buddies. Ranging from Sake and whiskeys to non-alcoholic drinks, you need not to fret if you or your friends are non-alcoholic.

Looking cozy on the inside, Authur’s was refurbished into a Manhattan style bar with rows of cabinets stored with various kind of alcohols, bottles of different sizes and shapes, all stacked up high and cabinet beautifully lit.

If you were to visit Arthur’s on Wednesdays, Thursdays or Fridays, you may also get to enjoy their live bands that play from 9 pm onwards. Rather than loud musics, you’ll hear them play soothing jazzy pieces, it also makes chatting much easier with your companies.

4. WIP, Bangsar

Work In Progress? Yeah, maybe before the renovation, it’s now known as Whipped Into Place.

Again, located in Bangsar Shopping Centre, WIP has won Outlet of the Year Award at the HAPA-GAB Excellence Awards 2012. Its urban-tropic garden design provides the perfect ambiance for an exceptional relaxing experience.

WIP is well known for its Mojito, thus you may find many different kinds of Mojito on the menu like the Classic Mojito, Dragonfly Mojito, Cachaca Mojito, and etc. Other than alcohols, how about rewarding yourselves with some Western, Asian or Northern Indian cuisine?

5. M8 Bar

Fancy another spectacular view of the Petronas Twin Tower? Introducing next will be the M8 (Marble 8) Bar, an impressive-looking bungalow restaurant located in the heart of the city.

The bar is decorated as classy as it could be with glass window and nicely dim-lit ambiance. It has both an indoor lounge for heat-phobiacs and a lawn where you can enjoy a breeze in the night while taking a sip of cocktail and looking at the brightly lit Twin Towers.

FYI, M8 Bar's steak is the one you should definitely go for, even if you're vegetarian!

6. The Balcony Bar

From a bungalow style bar to a villa concept bar and restaurant, this one would definitely makes you feel like you’re on an lavish vacation. Just relax and take your stress away sitting on a couch while looking out at the trees and plants.

“The Balcony idea came about when two founders Alvin Sinclair and Viknesh (Vik) wanted an outdoor bar concept serving premium drinks. Seated on the second floor was an ideal venue for its inviting surrounding at newly designed bungalow overseeing water fountain while enjoying the scents of fresh herbs and spices wafting from the kitchen.” -  from Mista Fong's Blog

Located at Ampang, known as the Embassy neighborhood, you will be seated on the second floor. The menu highlights are mostly on the meats, fish, burgers and native herbs. Even the name of the cocktails are so enticing, guess what? You will even find Chuck Norris in the menu!

7. Upper Deck @ Tanzini, G Tower

Stepping into the Upper Deck is like being into a rich family’s house with glass windows, mirrored ceiling, simple yet elegant decorative lights hanging from the ceiling and comfy sofas for the guests.

Tanzini Upper Deck presents dinner with set menu of 3 choices – the ‘Expose’, ‘Explore’ and the ‘Experience’ – comprising of a 3-course, 5-course and 7-course respectively. 

It is said that the Twin Tower’s view had been blocked by another building taller than G Tower, however, you may still succumb yourself to it’s beautiful surroundings or just enjoy the food and time in this charming place. 

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Written by Elley

Born, fed and grew up in Malaysia and have a strong interest in Korean language & culture too. Love travelling and taking pictures that doesn't seems attractive to others and believe that determination brings success in the future.

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