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Monday, February 16, 2015


Malaysia is not just hot. It’s unbelievably hot, and, for the worse, it rains for months during the monsoon seasons.

1. Malaysian Weather at a Glance

Malaysian weather is always hot all year round with average temperature of 28 degree Celsius and it usually goes beyond 30 degree during the day. During the monsoon seasons, heavy rains pour down everyday. 

2. Malaysian weather by Seasons

Malaysian weather is always hot all year round, so you could just think it is always summer. However, you should know when the monsoon seasons are when planning your itinerary.   

The southwest monsoon in the west coast (June ~Sep)

Heavy rains along with thunder and lightning fall like crazy for about an hour everyday in the western part such as Langkawi, Penang and Pangkor. If you are thinking of snorkeling or scuba-diving during this time, you should definitely go for the east coast like Tioman and Perhentian Islands.

The northeast monsoon in the east coast (Nov ~Mar)

It’s lot worse than the southwest monsoon. Between November and March, you should never travel the east coast of Malaysia such as Kuantan, Tioman and Terengganu. A Great deal of rainfalls and lower temperature together with high waves and murky sea make these beautiful places into a mass. 

3. Weather by geography

The eastern part is said to be slightly hotter and more humid than the western part, but what's the difference, right? They are both just extremely hot. Only place you could escape from the heat in Malaysia is Cameron Highlands where its temperature stays between 15~22 degree Celsius.

Written by Joonmo

He grew up in Thailand, Singapore, Korea and England. The outgoing traveler writer with a great vision and insight in nightlife has been to pretty much all the clubs in Japan, Korea, Singapore, Hongkong, Thailand and Taiwan. He is eyeing to pioneer vast land of Chinese nightlife.  

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