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Tuesday, February 24, 2015


Malaysia has 30 million population and 67th largest land. The size of rain forests and wet lands account for about 75% of its total territory. Malaysia is divided into two, one in the Malay Peninsula and the other one in Borneo island.  

1. Malay Peninsular & Borneo Island 
If you look at the map, the Malay Peninsula and Borneo part bordering with Thailand and Indonesia respectively almost seem like two different countries.


2. Malaysia actually in the Malay Peninsula
It borders with southern Thailand and, to the south, Singapore. Malaysia’s capital Kuala Lumpur is in this part.


The famous holiday destination ‘Langkawi’ is situated near the northern border with Thailand. It takes 5 hours driving and 90 minutes boat trip from KL. A rising holiday top pick ‘Pangkor’ also lies in this part. If you want to enjoy both beautiful natural landscape and city’s night life, this part is definitely recommendable. 

3. Borneo Island (AKA East Malay)
Brunei, Indonesia and East Malaysia are living together in Borneo. East Malaysia occupies the northern part surrounding its tiny little neighbor Brunei. 


Kota Kinabalu, the top honeymoon destination and one of the best holiday places in South East Asia along with Palawan, Bali and Boracay, is right here in this island. Especially, Mount Kinabalu(4,101m), the highest in South East Asia, gives wonderful trekking experience. 

How to travel around Kota Kinabalu

Although there is even an international airport you could directly fly to, Kota Kinabalu hasn’t got much public transportation. 
Only transportation you could rely on is a taxi that doesn’t even have a taximeter. You will always have to haggle over the price with drivers, but don’t worry too much. Since the city is so tiny you could walk around in 20 min and you will only need a cab when traveling outside of the city, and it’s usually 10 USD for 15 Km distance. 

The eastern coast of Borneo is near Philippines’ Mindanao Island where terrorist activities take place frequently. Since Filipino rebels insisting on their independence often kidnap people around this place and ask for ransom, you should be extra careful when traveling the eastern cost of Borneo. Peace.

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Written by Karly

She graduated in a university in Korea double majoring in social studies and political science. After graduation, she worked for a while at the Nation of Assembly of Republic of Korea, but now she is working as a reporter. Having a life goal of being a Asia-specialized travel reporter, she travels around the world in her spare time.

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