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Friday, February 20, 2015


Caution: The following content is written based on information as of December 20, 2015. Please visit the Website of the Singaporean Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the most updated visa information.

Some thousands years ago, there were times a man could go wherever his steps lead him moving from continents to continents and plant his feet on wherever he felt like to settle down. Nope, we can’t do that anymore. If you still miss those days, do your own research to downgrade yourself to an ape. Then, the soldiers on the borderline won’t bother you chasing, but scientists will. Here, I will talk about the legitimate way to reach Singapore retaining shape of Homo Sapiens Sapiens: get a visa.

Flickr/William Cho

Step 1: Identify yourself.

Flickr/Hernán Piñera

Are you going to Singapore for something else than a just trip? Are you a type of person who can’t live a day without chewing gum, spitting on the street or smoking indoor? If you go yes on any of these questions, have a second thought of traveling to Singapore. Don’t even bring them into Singapore.

Step 2: Look at the below map to see if you can visit without visa


You are not so nonchalant about yourself as to forget your own nationality, aren’t you? For lazy readers, above is the visa map they are looking for.

Singapore has somewhat complicated rules for visa. Among the visa required countries, it even subdivided them into two categories: assessment level 1, and 2. See what these stand for here.

Step 3: Check up the things that need to be done if you’re coming from a Yellow Fever or Ebola danger zone.

It’s not about Asian fetish. The Yellow Fever is an acute mosquito-transmitted disease that causes fever, nausea, and even bleeding and brain dysfunction. Singapore is also one of those countries that require a valid yellow fever vaccination certificate. If you’re coming from any of countries in danger of the Yellow Fever (the country list is here), you need one before travel.

Have you recently visited to Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone? Regarding Ebola, those who are coming from these countries may find it difficult to obtain a Singaporean visa. It is a recently-enacted policy.

Step 4: Apply for visa

Naver Blog/jjinsseon

Before applying for visa, see if you have these:

  • A valid passport that holds good for 6 months from the time of departure
  • An onward or return ticket 
  • Sufficient funds to stay in Singapore

Sub-step 1: make sure you have a photo of you less than 3 month old and complete the form 14A here.

Sub-step 2: Complete the form V39A here.

Sub-step 3: Copy the biodata page of your passport that is valid for 6 months from the date of departure

Sub-step 4: Your local contact's Singapore Identity Card (original and photocopy). Your local contact could be your family, friend, business partner, or anyone who can help you get back to your home country.

Sub-step 5: go to the online visa application website by clicking on this. The guideline can be found here.

Step 5: Pack it up & go

You’ve just completed the lessons of how to get a Singaporean visa. What are you waiting? Now, plan your own trip that you have been dreaming of.

Written  by Gibbon

Born in Korea, he grew up in Korea, Singapore, and Malaysia. This young self-appointed ascetic abandoned his university and is currently on his spiritual journey in search of true meaning of life roving from mountains to mountains. His weather-torn and hair-covered appearance reminds of some mystical Bigfoot and he looks 20 years older than he is.

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