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Tuesday, March 3, 2015


Maybe Singapore is a tiny country where you would get bored after a few days of your trip. But for party goers who know how to enjoy night time, Singapore isn't small at all. Out of tons of fabulous lounges and clubs, I rounded up 5 hottest places you could dance your night away with new Singaporean friends.

5. Bang Bang : A Rising Star
The newcomer to the Singapore club scene definitely deserves massive attention. Joshua and Sarissa Schwartz, PhDs in the science of nightlife, joined hand to create something insanely fun. Bang Bang’s state of art sound system and flashing LED walls will shake your ass all night long. This is something unheard of in the Singapore club scene.

4. Azzura Beach Club : Exotic Experience


Didn't bring fancy clothes for clubbing? Tired of seeing people well suit up bragging their superficial style? Come and enjoy Ibiza like clubbing at Azzura Beach Club. You will never forget the feeling of your sweaty body getting cooled down in the beach after long hours of dancing. 

3. Kyo : Good for Hook up and Make Friends
Located at the heart of biz district, office professionals love this venue. Despite the rather lousy Japanese style interior, it is still one of the top places to dance. You don’t need to be the best dancer in the world, Kyo’s great music selected by top class DJs will wake your soul and body. Most importantly, it has loads of comfy sofas for your new hook ups. 

2. Attica : Ultimate Party Mecca
The hottest club, always full of young crowds, has exceptional party ambiance. Thanks to the fantastic lady night on every Wednesday, aka “Guilty Pleasures,” it is always filled with gorgeous party girls. From the bottom of my heart, I give big thumbs up to Attica for their passions and know-how to throw such exotic parties.  

1. Zouk: The Best Club in Singapore
You only have one night in Singapore and don’t know where to go? You think you are too old for clubbing? Trust me and come to Zouk. The world-famous nightclub Zouk for all ages does not need more explanation. Not to mention the music and sound system, everything is just right in this club.

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Written by Joonmo Koo

He grew up in Thailand, Singapore, Korea and England. The outgoing traveler writer with a great vision and insight in nightlife has been to pretty much all the clubs in Japan, Korea, Singapore, Hongkong, Thailand and Taiwan. He is eyeing to pioneer vast land of Chinese nightlife.

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