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Monday, March 2, 2015


Let’s forget about corny beach and mountain things and talk about lovable Malaysian stuff that is in Malaysia only. But not to be confused, beaches and mountains in Malaysia are also absolutely epic. There are tons of other facts that you never knew, but I suggested only 5; rest of them are your mission to find out during your travel.

Malaysia is safe from many kinds of natural disaster

Except for a few times of flood, Malaysia is free from natural disasters. Earthquake? Wildfire? Drought? Are you serious! Welcome to the heaven’s haven Malaysia.

It’s easy to communicate with the local people

If you ever traveled an Asian country in the past, don’t you have an experience of burying your nose on your travel guidebook trying to figure out how to pronounce basic vocabulary of the local language? That’s not necessary in Malaysia. Of course, it’s preferred to learn some basic local languages as a way of showing respect for the local people.

Malaysia is home to diverse wildlife that you can’t find elsewhere

Malaysia is one of the 17 mega-diverse (extremely biodiverse) countries in the world. The biggest flower rafflesia can be found in Malaysia and 20% of animal species on the planet are living in Malaysia. As a result of Malaysian government’s constant efforts to conserve the environment, Malaysia is probably the most unspoiled country in the world.

Best places to live after retirement

It’s not just my opinion. BBC ranked Malaysia as the one of the top places to retire. Enjoying urban life in Kuala Lumpur, sometimes you can also give yourself a heavenly respite at the world famous beaches or pep up your body in fresh air in woody mountains. More than anything else, the cost of living is so affordable and Malaysia has quality medical service to such an extent as to have tons of inbound medical tourists.

Malaysia has the friendliest people in the world


They will always greet you with an agreeable smile on their face. Living in a multi-ethnic and multicultural society Malaysian people know how to respect people of other cultures and are always friendly to foreign tourists. Make some friends in Malaysia. They will open themselves and gladly help you out if you need something during your travel (hitchhiking, asking for the direction and etc). It will be nicer if you learn first some manners of theirs before meeting them.

Written by Gibbon

Born in Korea, he grew up in Korea, Singapore, and Malaysia. This young self-appointed ascetic abandoned his university and is currently on his spiritual journey in search of true meaning of life roving from mountains to mountains. His weather-torn and hair-covered appearance reminds of some mystical Bigfoot and he looks 20 years older than he is.

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