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Friday, March 13, 2015


When first arriving Kuala Lumpur, many people would say it's the heaven that they have been dreaming of, possibly by the new exotic landscape or in a traveling mood. But, I'm quite sure it's the worst hell for your wallet. Spending in Kuala Lumpur is indeed the ultimate form of joy that human can have, says my skinny wallet.

#5 Low Yat Plaza 


Not to be impertinent, but are you still using 2G cell phone or CRT TV? You should get a new one here. This is where the dream of all nerds comes true. It's a 7 story mall dedicated to electronic gadgets only except for the second basement floor where food stalls are lined up. Computers, laptops, smartphones, cameras, printers and etc. are offered at cheap prices at a wide choice of selection. At some places, you can even try bargaining. Spare some money before your travel! But, be sure check if they provide international warranty when you buy one.

#4 Berjaya Times Square


Berjaya Times Square is a serious time killer with lots of things to see and do. It is 18th largest shopping mall in the world. Food hall? Bowling? That's a joke here. It even has a THEME PARK with a huge roller coaster. So, you can give your nagging child the best reward promise while you're shopping. The best part of this shopping mall is reasonable prices. If you want something stylish, but economical at the same time, don't forget to visit here.

#3 Mid Valley Megamall

Mid Vally Megamall

This massive chunk would snort at Berjaya Times Square. 18th? Bah! It's ranked 8th having 430 stores in 420,000 sq meter (4.5 million sq ft). It's seriously humongous and you may need a GPS walking here. One day is nowhere near enough to choose which clothing stores, restaurants, cafes, digital device stores are the best for you. Pick first the stores that you want to go by clicking on here, then do it as on your plan.

#2 Suria KLCC Mall


Only idiots will have a problem finding here, I swear. Just look up at the sky and find the tallest twin building in your eyes (also true in the world). It's right next to it. Suria KLCC is a 6 story gigantic mall with lots of high end fashion boutiques where rich people go. Inside the building is extremely well-maintained glistening here and there. There are also classy Asian and Western restaurants and cafes where you can take a break. 

#1 Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

Pavilion KL Facebook

Let me describe this shopping mall in one simple sentence. The development of Bukit Bintang district couldn't be without Pavilion. Apart from the fact that it offers multifaceted entertainment from the finest fashion and food to urban experience, what makes Pavilion most outstanding is that it presents frisky atmosphere with dazzling extensive decorations during festivals. On the 6th floor, there is a little Japan called "Tokyo Street" inspired by Japan's Ginza and Shibuya's cityscapes where you can experience Japanese food, culture and arts. Even if you are not planning to buy anything here, I strongly recommend visiting here. You can't find a better shopping mall than Pavilion.

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Written by Gibbon

Born in Korea, he grew up in Korea, Singapore, and Malaysia. This young self-appointed ascetic abandoned his university and is currently on his spiritual journey in search of true meaning of life roving from mountains to mountains. His weather-torn and hair-covered appearance reminds of some mystical Bigfoot and he looks 20 years older than he is.

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