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Thursday, March 19, 2015


Are you arduously searching for Halal food in Singapore? Don't worry about that because Singapore is a multi-racial country with Malays, Chinese and Indians.  Malays are mostly Muslim, and they eat Halal every day! Here are the 7 best Halal restaurants and cafes with Asian, European and Mediterranean cuisines.
1. Warong Nasi Pariaman: West Sumatran, Indonesia

This place serves the best Nasi Padang in Singapore and is one of the most famous restaurants of Singapore. So, you have to arrive early here, because everything is sold out by 2pm.
2. 21 on Rajah: Mediterranean and Asian

The 21 on Rajah serves up a mixture of Mediterranean and Asian cuisines. They have buffet and also offer one-dish meal like Laksa, Chicken curry and Paella. It is little expensive but the desserts are worth for gourmets.
3. La Marelle Cafe & Boutique: French

This glamourous and colorful cafe is run by a French design company. They serve breakfast sets, pastas, cakes, breads and drinks at reasonable prices. Especially, the cakes taste fantastic.
4. Adam's Corner at Petain Road: Taiwanese

It is a Taiwanese restaurant. It has one of the best Buburs (porridge) served in Singapore. When you feel cold or depressed, this porridge is absolutely good for you. Of course, they are Halal-certified.
5. Wilder: Western and Asian fusion
Inside the Industrial-chic interior, Wilder offers a classic brunch - Prawn & Corn Fritters with homemade tomato salsa topped with fried egg. They also have some good desserts and drinks.
6. Badoque Cafe:
      Asian, Mediterranean and Middle Eastern fusion
This steakhouse serves huge East-West fusion steaks considering the inexpensive prices. You may need to starve for a few days before coming here. Of course, other cuisines are also wonderful.
7. FIX: Handmade Cakes
Written by Drunken Whale

Unlike other writers, I was born and grew up in Korea. I can't write English well - not to mention speaking. But I love travelling and writing something - of course in Korean. So if you don't understand anything about my articles, it's purely because of my English.

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