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Monday, March 9, 2015



Beaches are nice places to stay for a couple days. But the truth is, they're quite boring to chill around watching the same blue stuff all day long and finally chances are your body will be itching to move around to find something new and more entertaining. In Kota Kinabalu, it's different. It's where a beautiful ocean and the national park with one of the Southeast Asia's highest mountains coexist and where you can even have Islamic culture and clubbing experience in a same city. 

1. Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park


This marine park consist of 5 islands surrounded by mind-enrapturing beaches and a crystal clear sea. You can reach here within 20 minutes by boat from the coast. The water is so transparent that you can see coral reefs underneath. Some islands are famous with water sports while some are almost untouched by human remaining calm and still. Pick one depending on your taste. You won't regret.

2. Water Front (Beside Filipino market)


In evenings, the blue water turns into glistering gold. Kota Kinabalu is renowned for having one of the top 3 world most beautiful sunsets. It's no surprise why sunset is all you see when you search Flickr for Kota Kinabalu. The best viewpoint is at the Waterfront Kota Kinabalu where you can chat your time away with beer in a romantic mood in a local restaurant appreciating the swooning sunset gilding Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park. 

3. Likas Mosque


Along with the sunset, the most frequently appearing pic in Flicker is Likas Mosque. It's the #1 Islamic temple in Kota Kinabalu, decorated in white and gold color that give off princely impression mingled with blue sky and water. It was indeed the most beautiful mosque I've ever seen. 

4. Kinabalu mountain


Probably, the beautiful ocean and sunset could be what first comes in mind about Kota Kinabalu, but don't forget the Kinabalu mountain, one of the highest in Southeast Asia. The mountain has been accorded UNESCO World Heritage Site status.

Strolling the mountain, you can see over 6000 kinds of plants and spend a night away at a mountain cabin on the peak. You can also relax in swimming suit or casual clothes at an outdoor sulfur hot spring. If this still doesn't convince you, just don't even plan a vacation to Kota Kinabalu.

5. Tanjung Aru Beach


This place is also a superior spot to appreciate the sunset being a popular place where local youngsters come on dates or occasionally soon-to-weds find here for wedding photo shooting.

6. Signal Hill Observatory 

It is the only observatory from which you can look down upon the whole landscape of both downtown Kota Kinabalu and the ocean. I wouldn't say it's that dazzling, but still it's fun to take a bird's eye view of the whole Kota Kinabalu from high. 

7. Warisan Square


It'a a shopping mall located between Center Point and the Waterfront. On the 2nd floor, all kinds of massage shops are lined up, affordable with excellent service. If you are exhausted while traveling, recharge your battery here. 

8. Club BED

Do you think Islamic culture is too rigid to have a club? Nope! This club is awash with surging crowds even until 2~3 am. Although electro dance music is now in worldwide vogue, in CLUB BED, Hip Hop and K-Pop rule. For party animals, it could be running on empty on their satisfaction, but it might be a good place if you wanna have a wild night in Kota Kinabalu.

Written by Mira

She spent her life here and there in Philippines, Korea, Japan, and Malaysia.She loves travelling so much that even a single penny she makes goes to her travel expense. Rumor has it that she is going to file for personal bankruptcy any time soon

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